My update for August:

I never would have dreamed about that, but it looks like as if I would actually do an outdoor shooting tomorrow… ?
My bag is packed, now I hope that the weather will be fine. Then almost nothing stands in the way for the trip.

Results will follow …

Shooting equipment

In addition, I would like to report that I am working on the relaunch of my homepage. At the moment, I’m working a lot with HTML, PHP, CSS and other stuff, so some ideas have to be realized.
For one thing, I would like to make the homepage a lot clearer than the current one. On the other hand, it should not be quite as dark as it is now and the focus will be more on the blog. And there will also be a language switcher again, which separates German and English versions.

First previews will follow …

My rest plan for the year now provides that the homepage should be online until early October. Including the integrated shop. At the beginning of October a small one-day exhibition of some of my photos could take place in Würzburg. After that the Pornfilmfestival will also take place at the end of October. Which mean that I will be in Berlin for a whole week (probably from 21st to 29th of October). So if you want to see me or to work with me please let me know. Then there will be another photozine by the end of the year. Already issue 6.

So it’s all exciting …

# # # # # # # #

29. August 2017