Here is a little update

I added a new series to my Patreon-account. It contains all fotobox images I’ve uploaded on my Instagram last week.
Of course without the lovely stars.
I will continue these uploads in the next weeks…

And there are still some of my last photozine #5 available at the shop.
Hurry up and get yours…
In my mind I’m already working on the next issue. The thoughts are there, the photo selection will follow.

At the moment I don’t photograph so much. The main reason is that I don’t find enough time for looking for new models.
A few prospective and exciting possibilities existed, but unfortunately (for a variety of reasons) nothing happened so far.
I have more than enough ideas, the weather would fit and my film stock also grows constantly.
This can also be understood as a call to you out there … 😎
Let’s see, my hopes are still resting on August. There could be something exciting …

Until then I have to spend my time with more self portraits.
I already have a few finished films stored in the refrigerator and I’m waiting for my photo lab, which should arrive in September.
Then the development can start …


# # #

23. August 2017