i'm ready!The small exhibition in the Bürgerbräu on the occasion of the Zellerau Cultural Days is over and I can draw a relatively positive conclusion.

First of all, I would like to thank all those who have made it and visited me! … and, of course, my bosses, who have made the exhibition in our rooms possible.

In addition to this, as promised, the pre-ordered Photozines went to the post office this morning. The rest are now available at the shop.

The feedback was split, quite like expected. But this is not Berlin, but the deepest Franconian province … 😉 And this was a group exhibition at a larger event, so not every visitor expected nudes… 😉

the pictures are hung upThe total number of visitors was surprisingly high. The weather was not too bad and not too good, so it attracted many people to come into the Zellerau. I was very pleased by the visitors, who took the time and looked at the pictures more closely and also exchanged with their companion (or with me).

My business cards I’ve all got rid of and also some postcards have found a new owner. In addition, I am also looking forward to new shooting questions that might come and other exciting contacts that I could make.

exhibition posterHopefully there will be something new to report soon!

and the next exhibition will be held!!!




# # # #

9. October 2017