Pornfilmfestival 2012-2016Next week this years Pornfilmfestival will take place in Berlin. And just like the years before I take this chance to visit the city.

I’m arriving at the 21st in the evening. For 22nd I have a ticket for the Nick Cave concert in the Max-Schmeling-Halle.

From Tuesday, 24th, to Sunday, 29th, the festival will take place.
For that time, I’ll fill a diary with daily entries inside my blog. At least I’ll try… 😉

Please note that during the time the shop is available but all orders will be shipped in the week after October 29th.

Ptzine #6 LieferungSo either order this week or wait a few days.
For example, I still have some copies of my Exhibition-Special-Photozine, also from my completely self-made edition and various other issues are still available…



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17. October 2017