With todays picture inside the Photodarium (Private Edition: 2017) I would like to report I’m back from Pornfilmfestival and my Berlin-week.

Photodarium 2017-11-03

Last week I had many nice and inspiring conversations. The figurative inspirations still want to be processed.

What is delayed here in Würzburg unfortunately, on the one hand, the self-development of the photographed films. I’m still waiting for the ars-imago Lab-Box, whose shipping has been postponed to March 2018. On the other hand, I am still looking for suitable studio spaces to implement new ideas. For tips, I would of course be grateful.

I also want to do a bit of advertising here now. Namely, the Finnisage of the current exhibition takes place on November 18th by the local artist association “Wilde 13” from Würzburg. Unfortunately I missed the opening because of my departure to Berlin. At the Finnisage but I will be present in any case.


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3. November 2017