January 2018

New Lomo-Camera – Lomo’Instant Square

30. January 2018 Review-en

(2018-01-30) Last week, I received the long-awaited new Lomography instant camera, called “Lomo’Instant Square”. The camera mainly uses the Fuji Instax Square films and is also capable of loading the smaller Fuji Instax Mini films with the optional back. Due to our move, it took a few days until I could actually run and test the camera, but last weekend there was a short window of time … 🙂 So here is a review. On Kickstarter I supported and co-financedRead More

In the shadow realm of the wild twenties

24. January 2018 Review-en

The furnishing of the new apartment drags on. So I am just happy, if I can sit on the sofa in the evening and relax.Fittingly I have got a small fine brochure named “In the shadow realm of the wild twenties”. Jan Bürger traces inside the 1904 Berlin-born writer and actress Ruth Landshoff-Yorck, who had to leave Germany due to the Second World War and had to emigrate and died in New York in 1966. In her estate, and theRead More

Everything as New

18. January 2018 Blog-en

The first two weeks of January have already come to an end. I’m one year older and the move within Wuerzburg is almost over. Now Everything as New. These days the new Lomo’Instant Square Camera should reach me. I am already looking forward. And I will of course report on first results and tests. In addition, I expect in January the delivery of the remainder of my first published photobook “black squares”. There will also be a small promotion in the shop.AndRead More