Now it’s been a few weeks since one of my Polaroids in the Photodarium Private was the picture of the day.
Today, April 5th, it’s time again …

Photodarium Private 5. April 2018

The corresponding series has been published in Giddyheft #18

April continues

Screenshot Instagram ralffranz_wueThis weekend a visit to photograph has been announced. And I have planned two shooting days.

I’m looking forward to it and will keep you up-to-date…

And with new photos I will hopefully also crack my 500 follower mark on Instagram… 😉

The weekend after the 13th of April I will be back in Berlin for two days. So far, my diary still has some gaps

Small anecdote about aging

I have been taking pictures for a while now. Hopefully I made that  clear in my last blog post. For me that has also directly confirmed again last week,

At a birthday party my 15 year old niece introduced her boyfriend. Later I found out who his mother is.
I photographed her once … about 15 years ago … pregnant… 😀


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5. April 2018