Plans for 2019 and a review

14. December 2018 Blog-en

The year is almost over and it’s time for a glimpse of the past and a look ahead to the New Year and my plans for 2019.

A little something was going on this year.

On the one hand there were my meeting with wonderful Jenz Mau, where we also have made pictures for the Giddyheft. Then, to stay with the same Giddyheft, there was this summer also the long-announced Cologne party, to which the creators of Jungsheft and Giddyheft have invited.

On the other hand, there was the Wild at Art at Wilde 13, where some of my pictures were shown.

I have been to Berlin again for the Pornfilmfestival.

I deleted my Fotodesign-Facebook account during the year, and also my presence on Tumblr.

You can still find my pictures online on my website and my accounts at Patreon and Flickr. However, Flickr will only exist until October 2019, I have terminated my payment account due to the increased annual fee.

My plans for 2019

I think I repeat myself, but I’m still looking forward to my Lab-Box, which I could use to develop my film roles myself.

Unfortunately, the planning and production of the whole thing pulled so much that some Kickstarters see a failure of the project.

Meanwhile, however, it is true that with the December update, the actual start of production of the items was communicated. With a little luck, the first boxes will be delivered at the end of December / beginning of January.

I am certainly one of the more optimistic thinking supporters of the project and look forward to the turn of the year and the next update by the makers…

Also in the course of the year I had announced my plan, that I will be more often at the Wilde 13 and also set up a small job or a work corner. But as so often, the plans were adjusted a bit. The originally planned rooms has now been occupied elsewhere, so that there must be adjustments in the distribution.

Let’s see what my plans for 2019 will bring.

My Account at Patreon

2018 there were a few adjustments on my Patreon-account. This was partly due to the stricter implementation of guidelines by the makers of the site, especially in terms of the representation of “implied nudity”.

So my account was blocked for some time and I had to first adjust my front page and make it “acceptable” for the public.

Since I have also deleted my Facebook account in 2018, I now post primarily my pictures (the more explicite ones) directly for my Patreon supporters … and on my homepage.

Thanks again to all the supporters who accompanied and supported me the past year… 🙂

My plans for 2019 are definitely continuing to provide with the account with regular updates!

2019 in the Photodarium

As in previous years, I am again represented in 2019 with numerous Polaroids in the Photodarium.

The competition for the Private Edition and my presence directly on the packaging of the calendar should also have all noticed… 😉

I will continue to post the picture of the day here on the corresponding days. And also for 2020 and 2021 I’m already looking for other motives.

Giddyheft and Jungsheft

Giddyheft 22 Jenz Mau
For the new Giddyheft I’ve photographed Jenz

In 2018 I was represented in all published Giddyheften and I would like to continue this for 2019.

But I need you!

If you feel like poses, no matter if for Giddyheft or boys booklet, please contact me!!! 🙂

… and finally …

I’m also pleased that my monthly newsletter has been so well received. Of course, I will continue this in 2019 and continue to enjoy new subscribers.

There will certainly be a raffle again soon 🙂