Winners of the 3 Photodarium

10. December 2018 Blog-en

Congratulations to the winners of the three Photodarium calendars!

The winners of the Photodarium raffle are already notified  and the packages will be send immediately, as soon as I have a shipping address.

I am glad that despite the delay (thanks to Facebook) some people came into my newsletter list. Thanks to all who participated. Congratulations again at this point and heads up to all who didn’t won this time.

The next raffle is coming…  😎

The monthly newsletter usually appears on the last or the first days of the month, summarizing past blog posts and other news.

Inside the current calendar (private edition) a last Polaroid of me appears at the 22nd before Christmas. After that the year is nearly over…

No luck this time?

As I have written recently, the Private Edition of the Photodarium 2019 has been sold out for quite some time. At least I could not discover it yet in any store.

If you could not win one, you might be helped. I have a few remaining copies here. If interested, just send me a mail… 😉