What will happen in 2019? Plans for 2019

27. January 2019 Blog-en
Wilde 13

I am very big in making plans. So what will happen in 2019? What are the plans for 2019?

There are a few construction sites. For one, a new Photozine would be necessary again. On the other hand, the T-shirt is already finished and waiting for duplication or other stuff. I’m also waiting for the laaaaange lab box announced by ars-imago, and I am also curious about the further development in the Wilden 13.

But one by one…

Photography & Thoughts Photozine

The resonances in recent issues have been rather solala, so I had a bit of a hunch on my plans for further issues.

So there are still some issues available at the shop. Partly also at reduced prices.

The next topics would be either my experiments in 3D or there is again a model special or sometimes completely different. Just take a look. In any case, I have not given up the project yet.

A first Pussycolor shirt

The Pussycolor-Shirt

My website pussycolor.de is not yet activated. Although I have already started several T-shirt designs and have already finished some, but at first I would have to print a few copies and shoot them for the webshop.

The design of the motifs, the combination of the scenarios with the models that I have already enjoyed, brings me a little closer to the subject of photodesign. My regular motives are usually “finished” after taking the picture …

Develop films with the Lab-Box

In fact, the Lab-Box by ars-imago for developing films is almost a tiring and recurrent theme.

My fridge is now full of film rolls waiting to be developed. The Lab-Box is produced and developed as well as produced and developed and the shipping date is postponed again and again.

The expected delivery date in September 2017, as it’s still on the Kickstarter webside, is long gone. With each update and photos of the production of the box in China, there are further shifts and deadlines.

Let’s see when something really happens…

And what are the realistic plans for 2019?

At the moment I can not really say that I’m in Berlin for a weekend in February and will take new pictures.

Maybe there could be something new for Giddyheft or Jungsheft. Let’s see.

Giddyheft Jungsheft
A selection of various issues of Giddyheft and Jungsheft

Also in Würzburg I would like to get something. There are exciting and interesting people, but overcoming the camera is probably too big. Here everything is too provincial…

But what would definitely help me would be possible locations. So if someone knows a place where you can take pictures undisturbed, that would be great… 🙂