…maybe in March or April I bring my new website layout online. Depending on when it’s done.

It should be well-known that I revisited the website almost every year and bring the layout for my website on a more recent level.

SEO, UX, responsive presentation … there is always something to improve and update.

Ralf Franz Fotodesign 2019
The homepage with the new layout for my website


This time, however, the past blog posts and also the newsletter subscribers will be taken over. So you do not have to order anything new.

Only at the shop, I’m still not sure if the old data of the orders will be resetted or not. If you can not log in at your next order, then I had to delete the account data and you have to re-register.

Changes in the layout for my website

Mainly the homepagewill change and a little the layout of the subpages. Here I mainly use the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress. At least where I don’t use the Elementor pagebuilder.

The content remains the same in most cases.

The shop may have to be reworked a little and a little fine tuning here and there.

The automatic transfer of the translations of my blog posts did not work right away. Here I have to re-adjust by hand.

Offline for some time

If everything is ready then I will take the current page offline for a day and put all the levers.

But of course I’ll give you a prompt hint… 🙂


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12. February 2019