For several years I deal with different aspects of portrait, artistic nudes and fetish photography. The focus is always on the human being and the moment and the attempt to capture the naturalness and spontaneity as well as individuality and versatility. The pictures are created as free works or on a private or commission basis.

For my photographs I use different cameras and recording techniques. But look at the camera purely as a tool and do not want to set me to a specific. I shoot a lot on film – both medium and small format. From time to time, however, I also use digital or instant cameras.

Latest news, event notes and test reviews can be found inside my blog. For more insights, see the pages at the bottom of this page or go directly to the navigation menu at the top right. Of course, there is also a searchable blog archive with older news. The hashtag #censorshipsucks gathers all the pictures that I unfortunately have to censor elsewhere.

Time goes by…

…that’s the title of the Polaroid. And also the title, which is on the back of the calendar page from…

Between the years 2000 and 2016 I was living and working in Berlin. Now it has taken me back near my hometown in Franconia, to Wuerzburg. Here I want to pursue my photographic work in nature and in the studio. The gallery and my previous publications, my photozine, which appears several times a year, and my photobooks convey an insight into my work.

JudyMinx for Giddyheft 13
polaroids cover
Breathless. 2012
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