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Wilde 13 , Licht Model

What will happen in 2019?
Plans for 2019

Photodarium 2018-08-27

Polaroid of the day – Photodarium

Screenshot Patreon


Jenz, 2018. Polaroid (Ausschnitt), Studio

First Polaroids from the studio

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Patreon support Screenshot 02-14-2018

Next Giddyheft and more…

Okay I'm doing it - Umzug 2018

Everything as New

Maria 3D anaglyph

Grab your 3D-glasses

Selfportrait 2017

The year comes to its end –
reviewing 2017

Out for a walk. 2016

New gallery with butts

Polaroid Weihnachten Rabattaktion

Christmas discount

Patreon - Screenshot 11-20-2017

Soon on Patreon

Favorite landscape. 2016

Favorite motive – Butts

Die Bilder hängen - Zellerauer Kulturtage 2017

Conclusion of the exhibition